Bespoke Accessories

At Callaway Kitchens in Kent, we value the significance of the smaller details. This is why we fit a large range of accessories for a coordinated and cohesive feel to your bespoke kitchen. From door handles to space-savers, you’ll find something in our accessories range which will simplify your life and enhance your experience of your bespoke fitted Callaway kitchen. 

We can fit a range of door handles, tailored to your design preferences. With a variety of shapes, finishes and colours, you’ll be sure to find a handle that compliments your bespoke cupboards with your luxury, flawless Callaway Kitchen. These fine details will make the ultimate difference to your bespoke kitchen, and at Callaway Kitchens, you are the designer. We will help you make the process as stress-free as possible and ensure that you end up with a statement kitchen you feel proud of. These door handles will be carefully fitted to make your kitchen all the more welcoming. 

Our range of storage solutions are perfect for busy family life, so you can keep tidy and organised while on the go. Our storage accessories are perfect for organising your kitchen to your design standards and keeping your new kitchen looking minimalistic and sleek, without additional clutter. At Callaway Kitchens, drawer organisers and pull-out storage mean that you can maximise your kitchen space to the fullest extent, and enjoy your stunning new countertops with ease and relaxation. We make sure you have a place for everything, and nothing looks out of place. 


Deep drawers and organisational racks mean that items will be easily accessible and you’ll be able to find your cooking trays and utensils just as you need them in your bespoke Callaway Kitchen. Your utensils will be stored both safely and neatly, as is needed in every kitchen. Each design feature is added for your benefit and at your tailored plan. With the latest trends of organised and minimalistic kitchens, you can be sure that Callaway Kitchens will keep you up-to-date and feeling on top of things. 

The kitchen can be the heart of the home, and Callaway Kitchens wants to make you the centre of the process of selecting each element, to ensure that each item has been hand-selected by you, and fitted with our expertise. Accessories can be one of the biggest transformations in your kitchen, and Callaway Kitchens want to fit them bespoke, to make your life easier and your kitchen free of clutter. Choose Callaway Kitchens to bring a new lease of life into your home, tailored to your personality and needs. 

If you’re looking for storage solutions in your kitchen, then look no further than our bespoke fitted service at Callaway Kitchens. We will fit your kitchen tailored to maximise your space and ensure you’re getting the best practical and aesthetic features for your budget. Our innovative storage accessories are both stylish and practical to create extra space in your kitchen. For bespoke kitchens in Kent, and stylish kitchen accessories, Callaway Kitchens have everything you need. 

Adding bespoke door handles and kitchen extras from the Callaway Kitchen accessories range will tie your whole kitchen together for a contemporary, cohesive style. Each door handle is finely designed in a range of colours, materials and finishes to suit and enhance your chosen design kitchen. Your kitchen dreams can come true with our precise detailing and Callaway Kitchen Accessories range. The finishing touches can bring your kitchen together in real style.

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