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Our Carcases offer limitless shape and size potential - Callaway Kitchens

Carcase information

Buying a cheap kitchen that has been mass produced at the lowest cost may seem like a good idea at the time, but a few months down the line you will start to visibly see the difference. Whilst the door quality is what you may see first, the carcase quality is also crucial. From high quality materials, to the way they are bespoke built to fit your kitchen perfectly, our carcases are of a reassuringly high quality and will serve you for many years.

We offer a range of colours and a limitless shape and size potential. Our carcases are built with a 40mm standard void, 18mm back in the base units and 8mm in the wall units, and construction which is cam and dowelled (not glued). They have 150mm adjustable legs, the latest Blum fully integrated soft-close hinges and have 18mm shelves, edged all round. To ensure strength and quality, the door buffers are drilled into door / drawer in the top and bottom corners.

There are many Kessebohmer and Peka wirework options, and feature doors available in all ranges to provide a perfect finish.

Our Blumotion drawers are 500mm deep as standard, 450mm deep is also available in both a grey andstainless steel finish.

Intivo options are Silk White and Terra Black.

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